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About 'Zimbabwe Program'

Zimbabwe Radio Australia Program is a community radio for the Zimbabwean Community. We seek to connect with our community through various programs that resonate with our community needs. We will be allowing ourselves to have a full expression of how we are as Zimbabweans by touching on a few topics mostly that will educate our youth and the parents. There are a lot of influences and these have the potential to impact on culture, behaviors and family relationships.

Purpose of the program:

•             Our priorities include youth, women covering new and emerging community issues so as to empower, educate, bring awareness and promote activities in the Zimbabwe community. These also include but not limited to some of the expected programs on issues of concern like health and fitness, substance abuse, domestic violence and discuss ways of reducing such issues through supporting organizations within Australia and the Zimbabwe community.

•             Community events announcements.

•             Increase community involvement in broadcasting.

•             Promote our culture, language, artists, and music.
We will be using Shona, Ndebele & English on our station so we can reach everyone and anyone because there are different dialects in Zimbabwe.  So it is important we also bring English so we can engage with everyone but also encourage them to speak our mother tongue so no one is being left out. We have a youth on our team and this has a great influence on youth across the different cultural background that might tune in and hear a thing or two of what we are about.


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