Awaz-e-Dost (Urdu)

Broadcasting Time

  • Tuesday:
    6pm - 7pm
  • Sunday:
    3pm - 4pm


Khawar Saleem Khan

Seen Meem

Umair Yousaf

Tasha Shaheen

Contact Information

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About 'Awaz-e-Dost (Urdu)'

Awaz-e-Dost is the voice of Urdu speaking community in Canberra and the surrounding region. It is a community radio program proudly brought to you by Pakistan Cultural Association, Canberra (a voluntary service to the community).


The purpose of this program is manifold and includes:

  • Creating a Pakistani cultural environment at least for an hour where the whole family can sit around the radio and listen to the quality Urdu program.
  • Promoting Urdu language, particularly we provide opportunity to younger generation to learn the language of their parents.
  • Keeping you updated on the latest issues in Pakistan
  • Introducing you other Pakistanis in the community through interviews
  • Providing you an opportunity to present your views to the whole community through our talk back radio program


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