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Yeep, We are life ON AIR for 13 hours NON STOP.
Welcome to CMS Radio 91.1FM

FM91.1 Canberra Multicultural Service (CMS) Community Radio has been serving the Canberra community with local, national and international news, music and programs in over thirty languages other than English since 1977.  We are the only dedicated multicultural radio station in the ACT and surrounds.

Canberra is a vibrant and successful multicultural and multilingual city.  The 2011 Census identified that one in four ACT residents were born overseas and over 79,000 Canberrans speak a language other than English when at home.

CMS is a non profit organisation and all of our Broadcasters and Board Members are volunteers.

We strongly believe in supporting and empowering Canberra’s multicultural and multilingual community, in particular those at risk of social isolation.  Through language CMS particularly supports new and emerging communities become connected to what is happening in the ACT and surrounds.

All language groups to go to air no less than one hour per week and CMS’ priorities include youth, women, new and emerging, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

CMS wants to continue to grow and expand the languages we offer to the Canberra community and ensure that there is a strong and vibrant multicultural radio station in the nation’s capital into the future.

EBC Executive Board

Ms Lieta Sauiluma-Duggan
Mr Jim Saragas
Dr Songfa Liu
Dr Songfa Liu
Ms Lavinia Naufahu-Tunitau
Mr Louis Malaibe
Assistant Treasurer
Ms Wenjin Zhou
Board Member

Dr Heinrich Stefanik
Board Member
Ms Brigitte O’Keeffe
Board Member